1. hey y’all we gonna host a gso tumblr meetup in a couple weeks at our lady kurn’s so cum n bring ur friends only if they have a tumblr we don’t want actual humans

    ***we actually want to meet all the tumblrs so please if you are on here and maybe i follow you, you should def come it will be *~*~*~a blast*~*~$$

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    Gonna go to this in about 30 mins.
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    fuck yeah via Stumblr
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    hmmmmm, could go.
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    to go or not to go
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    damn, why don’t i still live there? i want to meet sum urls irl who wantsta have a stl meetup? no one.
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    Oh hey cool. I mean, maybe I can put my anxiety when it comes to meeting new people aside for one night and go.
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    i guess i could go :P
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